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In a province surrounded by natural beauty, based within the ancient region of Pylos-Navarino in Messinia, Peloponnese, we nurture and sustain our family olive groves. The fresh Mediterranean sea breeze that engulfs them, the mild winters that help them grow, the morphology of the soil, and the close monitoring by our expert scientific team play a crucial role in ensuring we produce exceptional harvests of the highest quality, aroma and flavor with the signature of MONOGRAM.



SeaCrets Inspirations is a work shop which was established in 2000, located in the Mediterranean town Kalamata in the region of Messinia in South Greece.

The company’s name is a wordplay, emerged from the words “Sea and Secrets” of Mythical Greece. The initial mission was the promotion of the most famous local agricultural products and their by-products to the Greek Market and our Country’s Foreign Visitors.

Products evaluation, Qualitative control, respect for our customers and the local Agricultural Farmers are the guideline principles in our daily performance. With the Second generation now leading the Workshop, our mission evolved.

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Beekeeping praconi lando

Natural, Healthy, Our Honeys are ideal for every occasion and for every use.
Praconi Honey becomes the constituent of many Tasty Products suitable for Adults & Children because Sweetness has no age:
what are you waiting for, come and taste them !!

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Since 2008, the Angelis Family has been cultivating certified pomegranates in their own “Angelis Estate”, located in Chloe, Magnesia.

We produce with care and passion the pomegranates of the wonderful variety Wonderful, we collect them meticulously and process them. We collect only the pomegranates with a bright red color, which means that they have matured enough and contain all the nutrients and therapeutic ingredients.

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It all started in 2015 when the world realized what we were doing to our ocean.

Crystal clear mountain water from one of the purest water sources in the world. Bottled at the source in a plant-based cartoon that retains freshness and great taste.

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Local Taste | Local Producers

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the recognition and visibility of the Mediterranean Taste Awards | Excellent Taste winners and aiming to build trust with the food community, we believe it is crucial to bring to the forefront these people and the inspiring team that created the award-winning products.

For that reason, we have launched a new campaign, also creating a distinctive brand, under the title LOCAL TASTE – LOCAL PRODUCERS

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